Hand Baggage

Hand Baggage

Personal belongings such as briefcases and portable computers are considered to be hand luggage which you can take onboard. This also applies to crutches and strollers; however these will have to be checked in, labelled and stowed in the hold if there is not enough space on board.

Hand baggage dimensions

You are allowed to carry only 1 piece of hand luggage onboard which must not exceed 8 kgs of weight and the following dimensions (including handles, side pockets and wheels):

PLEASE NOTE: We would also like to remind you to verify size and weight of your hand baggageby using one of the Alitalia ‘hand baggage gauges’ at the airport. Passengers who fail to comply with the hand luggage limits may not be allowed to take their luggage in the cabin and may be subject to excess baggage charges".

Make sure your trip goes smoothly by getting to the airport within the time limits established for your flight.

Once you have reached Terminal 4, should you require any assistance during the check-in procedure, please contact an Alitalia representative at the Check-in "Reception Desk" in zone F. Our staff will be pleased to assist you with: adding miles to your MilleMiglia account; seat changes; re-print of your boarding pass or any other enquiry you may have.  

Please download the "Hand baggage quick reference".

Dangerous articles

For security reasons, you are not allowed to board with potentially dangerous articles such as scissors, cutters, Swiss army-type knives or tools and instruments for agricultural, scientific, sporting or industrial use and the like, nor can you board with any type of imitation or toy firearm. 
Furthermore, it is forbidden to take cigarette-lighters on board all flights from Italy to the United States. 

For more details about baggage, contact the nearest Alitalia office.

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