Sports equipment

equipaggiamentosportivo_267x267 Transport and costs
Ski equipment, golf bags, surfboards, windsurfing equipment and other bulky items may be transported as registered baggage upon payment of supplementary charges for excess baggage, as listed in the table below. 

Surfing and windsurfing equipment 
  • For flights operated by small aircraft with limited baggage hold capacity, surfing and windsurfing equipment cannot be accepted.
  • For flights operated by slightly larger aircraft within the small aircraft category, such as the Embraer ER4, only surfing equipment may be accepted (surfboards must not exceed 250cm in length; masts and sails will not be accepted)
  • Considering the varying dimensions of different sports equipment and depending on the type of aircraft, the reservation/check-in of equipment will have to be approved by the Cargo department. Therefore we advise all passengers travelling with sports equipment to contact the call centre  to arrange the booking and check-in procedure.
To check-in and transport surfboards and windsurfing equipment (considered in addition to the normal baggage allowance), you must:
  • Declare the item at the time of booking, and in the event of connecting flights with other carriers you must obtain the permission of the other carrier involved or carriage of the equipment will be restricted to the Alitalia flight leg only
  • Arrive at the check-in desk at least one hour prior to flight departure
  • Pack the equipment in its cases or in such a way that protects the items during loading and unloading  
Equipment included in the allowance
The following items are included in the baggage allowance, with a maximum of 20 Kgs. per item ( as of 15/03/10, Ulisse, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Clubs members have always free transport of these sport equipment baggages on Alitalia flights):

Ski, Snowboards, Water ski               20 20 30 40 75
Golf/polo bags 20 20 30 40 75
Scuba diving equipment 20 20 30 40 75
Fishing equipment 20 20 30 40 75

Equipment not included in the allowance
The following equipments are neve included in the baggage allowance ( as of 15/03/10, Ulisse, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Clubs members have free transport of bicycles and surfboards no taller than 250 cm on Alitalia flights)

Weapons and ammunitions (max. 20 Kg) 20 20 30 40 75
Bicycles (max. 20 kg) 20 40 80 100 150
All surfboards categories no taller then 250 cm (max. 30 kg) 50 50 80 100 150
Winsurf (including sail and mast) all surfboard taller than 250 cm (max. 35 kg) 60 80 120 150 150

* Fixed rate.

Note: if exceeding the allowance a standard excess baggage rate will be applied
AREA1: Italy
AREA2: Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa
AREA3: Middle East
AREA4: Asia and South America (Buenos Aires, Caracas)
AREA5: North America, Canada, South America (Sao Paulo), Africa (Lagos, Accra)  

For more details on this service, contact your nearest Alitalia Office.