My bookings

With the service “My bookings” you can:
- check the details of your trip
- purchase the ticket and check-in online
- cancel or modify your ticket or your reservation
- print or receive via email the summary of your purchase or a copy of your booking

When can you use the service?
If you have an Alitalia booking made online using an Alitalia website, at a travel agency or by contacting the Alitalia call centre.

How to use the service
To retrieve the details of your trip, you will need to insert the name and surname of the passenger and one of the following: reservation code (PNR), MilleMiglia number and PIN, ticket number.
If you are a MilleMiglia member
By inserting your MilleMiglia code in the field provided, you will be able to display the complete list of all your Alitalia active bookings.


Can’t find your booking? Update the list now
If you have other more recent bookings which are not listed here or reservations made via a travel agent, you can visualise these and save them using the following search form.


Payment details
Confirm your booking now by purchasing your ticket online.
It’s easy, safe and fast.

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